Heli-tography... is that actually a word?

Creating images to meet your specific rotary wing or tilt-rotor project needs, preferring to (but not limited to) specialise in the use of 'available light'. There are NO locations, NO environments, NO situations that I will not work within, if a helicopter is flying there then I can and will photograph there.



experienced in analogue & digital 35mm platforms 

assignments & commissions undertaken

​​a self taught photographer with 30 years experience

Helicopters have been a huge passion of mine since I was a child, I get a thrill from just being around them, put that together with my love of photography and it made sense to combine the two. I have worked as a photographer in both the Military and the Fire and Rescue Service covering conflicts & operational incidents worldwide. I have completed a number of assignments on behalf of the British Government, International Press, United Nations and several Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's).


Working for you


commercial    civil    military    search & rescue (SAR)    national police air service (npas)    helicopter emergency medical service (hems)   charter     heli-logging     onshore/offshore    firefighting    heli-ski    electrical & railway survey    heli-lift    agricultural